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Sunday hike to the abandoned Tully Church and beyond

Sunday hike to the abandoned Tully Church and beyond

This adventure started on one of the first weekends of sunshine in the new year in Dublin. We decided that we wanted to go on a (small) hike to the Tully Church. Sylwia saw this location on a new app from Google called Google Trips. This is a new app from Google that lets you search an area for interesting locations to go to. So that is what we did, next to our home was apparently a small abandoned church called the Tully Church. This is apparently an ancient church from build in the late 1200s and has been abandoned since the 1600s. This happened after a huge storm destroyed most of the church. It looked interesting enough to visit, but it is only half an hour walk and we wanted to go for an hour or two. So where do we go from there?

Sylwia enjoying the sun on the way to tully church.
Start of the trip, next to our apartment

On the way to the Luas (the tram here in Dublin), I always notice a tall structure on top of a hill nearby. So curious as I was, I Googled and quickly found what that tower actually is. It is an old chimney from the abandoned Ballycorus lead mine. Well, that piqued my interest, so we decided that after visiting the church we would go there. It was a beautiful day with almost no clouds, we walked along the Luas track for some time and then crossed it to go to the road along which the church is located.

This was a small road with trees overhanging it. After about half an hour of walking from our apartment, we reached the church. It looks like one from a horror movie. However, on this sunny day, it didn’t look scary at all. A small graveyard with burial stones laid out around it and a collapsed building which looks like a small chapel (you can find them in the gallery). That was indeed one of our destinations, the Tully Church. We climbed over the low wall that was closing off the graveyard from the road and ventured towards the church. There were gravestones scattered around the grounds, the dates on them ranged from the early 1800’s to the early 1900’s. The stones itself had Gaelic/Scottish symbols engraved on them. After some looking around and taking we¬†continued.

Inside the Tully Church
Inside the Tully Church


After Tully Church…

We started to get pretty warm from the sun shining and took off our jackets, even though it was the beginning of February. We started climbing higher but stayed on the road since it was the most efficient. When the road stopped we had to venture into some small woods where the sun shone quite beautifully. It created thin rays between the trees. We took some more pictures and enjoyed the sunshine.

Picture of Laurens bathing in the sun after leaving from tully church.
Result of the small photoshoot

After more walking and checking Google Maps to see if we were heading in the right direction, we could see the tower. There was a long steep road staight towards it. The road ended rather abruptly and we passed under a beam with the text, “Maximum height: 1,80m”. The asphalt road turned into a blubbery mud path, which had quite a large amount of pools along it. “Yes! It looks like we are heading in the right direction”, I said to Sylwia. We were starting to climb higher and higher and could see more of the surrounding mountains. The sun was slowly going down, hiding behind these mountains. Finally, it looked like we had reached our destination. The tower of the Ballycorus lead mine was within sight, we were amost there. But then, it looked like the path ended. A gate with a dark forest behind stood in front of us. I grabbed my phone to check if there was a way around the gate. But as I was searching, the sun was going down and it started to get chilly.

To be continued

We decided that we should go back home since it was getting dark and we would soon become hungry. This concluded the trip, sadly, without visiting the Ballycorus lead mine. That means we will have to visit it another time…

Do you want to see where the Tully church is, or want to follow the same route as we did? Check out this map below, it has all of that marked on it!
Check out all the beautiful pictures that we took during out hike here.

Almost at Ballycorus Lead Mine
Almost at Ballycorus Lead Mine


Check out the route that the walked

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