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We are two internationals and are currently living together in the beautiful city Dublin, in Ireland. We like to explore and visit interesting locations. Our families mostly live on the mainland of Europe. However, we want to share our experiences, stories and pictures with them. What is a better way than to write a blog? Well, that is the purpose of this. We write posts that let you take a look into our life and share our fun. But, we also want to inform you about beautiful hiking trails, delicious food or trendy bars. To make you interested in exploring the world around you. So let’s tell you something about ourselves, so you get to know us better.


Sylwia came to Ireland in 2013 to spend her holiday in Dublin and to find a summer job. After two months she liked it here so much, that she decided to stay for next year. After one year she enrolled at the Dun Laoghaire Institute of Arts, Design and Technology to study Creative Computing and Web Engineering. She is currently finishing her last year of college. On the second year of her study, she went on Erasmus to Stuttgart in Germany to do Mobile Media minor. That’s where she met Laurens… .


Laurens arrived in Dublin in September 2016. He finished his bachelor in mechatronics that year and decided he wanted to follow Sylwia to Ireland. Laurens enjoys working out, one of the sports he did is karate which he practised since he was 12 years old. Currently, he is working as a localisation tester in Dublin but wants to start a Master at University College Dublin.  Next to being active photography, making movies and cooking nice food are things he thoroughly enjoys.


Park Güell, Barcelona
Park Güell, Barcelona

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